Missing waypoints in conversion to kml and kmlz

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I have two tracks from different days. Both have 3 waypoints that show ok on bt747's map. When I convert them separately, by clicking on the "Convert to" button, to kml and kmz formats only one waypoint is saved (I loaded the files in Google Earth to check them). if i convert them to gpx or html all waypoints are saved.

I have a Holux-1200e and I used the Holux gr-245 as the devide for the conversion

13512 - BT747 2.X.1805 Build:BT747_mdeweerd.1805.20101104144540124
13514 - Initial: 1063x547  Screen: 1280x1024 Final: 1063x547
13515 - Mac OS X
13515 - ppc
13516 - 10.5.8
13516 - 1.5.0_26
13518 - 32

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Hi Persep I think that you

Hi Persep

I think that you will find your anwser in a FAQ entry:


You can also check on the web (if your KML/KMZ is available through some URL).  Here is an example:


Google maps does not have the same quirck.

If you find a solution for it, let me know.  I've looked extensively in the past and I did not a reasonable one - the only possibility I found was to create a view in the KML/KMZ file which requires the calculation of extra parameters.

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Well, I can see all the

Well, I can see all the trackpoints in GoogleEarth it's the waypoints the problem but I doublechecked and in the waypoints folder of the track loaded in GE I do have all the waypoints. I manageg to display them by separating the two tick icons from the timeline bar

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Hi Persep I updated the FAQ

Hi Persep

I updated the FAQ entry to include 'waypoints'.  The issue in GE is that it does not select the entire timeline by default.  Hence anything that has a time tag on it  is (or should be) hidden in the visualisation.

The track itself is a series of points without time, while the points themselves as 'marker' do have the time.