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Missing waypoints in conversion to kml and kmlz


I have two tracks from different days. Both have 3 waypoints that show ok on bt747's map. When I convert them separately, by clicking on the "Convert to" button, to kml and kmz formats only one waypoint is saved (I loaded the files in Google Earth to check them). if i convert them to gpx or html all waypoints are saved.

I have a Holux-1200e and I used the Holux gr-245 as the devide for the conversion

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Can't add files to geotag


I wanted to try to geotag my photos. I open bt747, I convert to "Table in gui" so I can see my track on the Map, then I go to files to tag. I click on "add files ", select my photos, hit OK and nothing happens. No file is listed.In win xp works fine.

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Problem connecting with Bluetooth on Mac

I received my Qstarz q1000xt logger today and have started to play with it on my Powerbook G4. I have succeeded in getting data via the USB cable, but I cannot connect to the device using Bluetooth from within BT747.

I am pretty sure the problem has to do with the device name. I paired the q1000xt using the standard OS X bluetooth setup. I can see the device  /dev/tty.Qstarz1000XT-SPPslave-1 and I can also see ASCII data streaming from the device if I do this on the terminal:

 $ cat /dev/tty.Qstarz1000XT-SPPslave-1

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cannot access iBlue 747 A+ on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

I have installed various versions of BT747 on a Mac OS 10.6.  Whether accessing my iBlue 747 A+ via Bluetooth or USB,  I constantly get an error that the port is not found.  the /dev ports do exist, and other programs (HoudahGPS) can see both USB and Bluetooth ports so I know that the device can connect.  I have tried several versions of BT747 to no avail.

Any ideas?


Adding POSSIBLE_PORTS (Blumax GPS-4043, OSX, Bluetooth)

I am trying to connect a Blumax GPS-4043 to my MacBook using Bluetooth in order to download tracks.

I have managed to get this to work using BT747 but only under the old interface. I did this my editing the bt747_macosX.command file, adding the following lines:


java -Djava.library.path=${ROOT_DIR}/rxtx/ -Dbt747_port="/dev/tty.BlumaxBT-GPS-SPPSlave-1" waba.applet.Applet /w 250 /h 250 /scale 1 /bpp 8 BT747

I have also added the /var/lock file with the following two commands:
sudo mkdir /var/lock

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