TODO for BT747

I've reviewed the TODO list removing some things that have been done, like improving the load time for the thumbnails and added some others.

I seriously lack time to do all of this, espescially after creating my company.  I do make some improvements here and there, and I continue to fix bugs.


  • There is some issue when starting the log download "too soon"  - the used memory size is not always available yet and BT747 does not wait to get it.

IMPROVEMENTS (Things not very visible to the user).



  • Implement a sanity check of the parameters and warn the user if they seem strange:
    - Log conditions will not really log anything;
    - LAT/LON/TIME missing from format;
    - Too many NMEA strings for the serial speed.
  • Automatically download data and upload to a server.
  • Act as a server.
    - Show current position;
    - Allow remote app to get past data;
    - Provide map (html output, but through the server)
    - Allow configuration using browers (could also work on the local machine).
  • Build a database of tracks:
    - Find past tracks easily based on time or on location;
    - Tag files without explicitly providing the files to use;
  • More advanced track filtering.
  • [Partially] rethink GUI. - Geotagging interface must be better;
    - Provide interface for dummies.
    ° Download,Tag,Convert,Easy configurations (On foot, By car, Personal ocnstraints [est. travel distance, travel time, precision and determine log conditions from that])
  • Incremental download of 'overwrite' data by appending to existing file.
  • Send SMS with current or past positions.


  • Add SIRFIII support.
  • Detect that a device has bad blocks. Skip the blocks/propose to repair. [Does not seem to happen that often]


  • Allow changing data in J2SE gui.
  • Allow saving data from the J2SE gui table(s).
  • Allow color configuration.


  • Allow tagging using the exiftool (actually possible by configuring the 'user ' conversion.


  • Add scale to map.
  • Use specific icons according to the waypoint type.
  • Add google map - the legal way (integrate a browser).
  • Add statistics for the path:
    - traveled distance since start
    - traveled distance to end