BT747 help to get started

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Firstly I'm not technical, so bear with me.
Which of the buttons would I click to use an MTK mini Data Logger as it is neither iBlue / Qstarz / Holux / Konet: or PhotoTrackr / ...: etc.
I have not clicked either of the buttons as I don't know if it would damage my logger.

This is the Logger specification in the manual:
Frequency L1 frequency; 1575.42MHz support 51 independent tracking channels
Sensitivity -146dBm
Update Rate 1Hz
Acquisition Cold Start: 36 sec. Warm Start: 33 sec. Hot Start: 1 sec.
Reacquisition <1 sec.
Dynamics Altitude: 18000m (max.) Velocity: 515 m/sec. (max.) Vibration: 4G (max.)
Supply Voltage DC 5V
Power Consumption Data Record Mode <60mA Power Saving Mode<0.5mA Tracking: 30mA
NMEA Message
NMEA0183, default 115200 Output:GGA,GSA,GSV,RMC Log: RMC
Datum Default WGS-84
Serial Interface TTL@2.8V
Weight 12.4g
Dimension 46.9mm(L) x 18.1mm(W) x 14.9mm(H)
Battery Include 170mA
Battery Life 5-6 Hours
Operating Temperature 0~550C
Storage Temperature 0~550C
Operating Humidity <= 95%, non condensing

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Hi First off - there are only

First off - there are only a few BT747 commands that could 'break' your device and for each of them you need to confirm (twice). You can safely try the download buttons.

The specification you give is shared between all MTK devices so it will not help determine which one you actually have. After a search on the web, I found that this might best fit your layman definition:

GPS MINI Tracker (MTK GSM chipset) GK201

But that page also mentions SirfIII for the same device (they'ld need to make a choice!) and it seems to have a GPRS/GSM interface only.

So off on another search, based on the specification this time, where the battery capacity and the dimensions may be unique. This leads me to:

It is the first time that I see a reference to these devices! It is most likely that the 'iBlue/ ...' download button simply works. Let us know.

BT747 help to get started

Sorry, I did not know you needed to know the model name.

Well it did start using iBlue, but as there is only a very few minutes of data to download, I dont know how long I'm supposed to wait for it to finish as it seemed to be going no where. I don't appear to be able to attach a file to these posts, so I have emailed the bin file to you Mario.

I have a similar issue.

I have a similar issue. Connected to my Windows, I can connect, but when I push download, nothing happens despite waiting for a couple of hours. Everything seems to be ok. I'm connected on COM3 , have the device on (Iblue), but alas no download... Hope you can help!

Solved! Wrong com port and

Solved! Wrong com port and wrong driver - my mistake...  Thanks for the programme!

John, I have the same problem


I have the same problem as you but i am wondering how you found out about drivers etc.