GeoTagging Coming to BT747

Bild von mdeweerd

I've started writing the code to bring geotagging to BT747.

I do not want to use an external program to do this. Other programs used tools like exiftool, but that means extra complication for installing and availability. I am writing the code in Java which means that I hope to be able to port this to the Mobile Phone version for example.

I currently succeeded in extracting the EXIF information and GPS information from JPG files and display it. The next step is to do this in a more structured way, i.e., store that information in a Java structure that can be modified and rewritten to the image file.

I'll probably first complet the information extraction and use that in the track output files. Which means that at first pictures will be positioned on a map, but not actually geotagged themselves.

Then I'll complete writing back the information to the image files, which means that they will actually be geotagged.