No log information on my Mobile Phone with iBlue 747

I would like to ask you, for adice.
I have a BT GPS BT747 and cellphone SE P990i with fw: R9GA001, the MTKMidlet start without problem. Program is connected with GPS correctly, but don't show me information abot log. The switch on the GPS unit is on NAV, when is on the LOG position, bluetooth is down.

Do you have some experience with SE P990i?

Thank you very much.

Bild von mdeweerd

Your device probably needs a tweak

The early models of the iBlue 747 did not have bidirectional bluetooth communication added in the factory.

You can add it by doing a tweak as indicated in a post on GpsPasSion.

Basically your device does not receive the request from the application, so it can not reply to them. This is needed because the information regarding the log must be requested, while the current GPS position is sent out without any request.

Thank YOU!

To mdeweerd:
Thank you very very much, it works great with hacks on my GPS device.

Thank you again,

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