"Log By" behaves funny

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I have 2 problems with the "Log By" in the "Device settings" window.

1. When selecting "Log By" Time, it unchecks Distance, and vice versa. I am not able to select both Time and Distance. Speed is not a problem.

2. If I select "Time" and download the log, it shows in RCR "T" "TimeStamp" as it should. But if I just disconnect and connect again, the new log points show "TD" "MixedStamp" while in the "Device settings" window it is still only "Time" selected and "Distance" is NOT selected and the value for it is "0.0". The same happens if I close the program and restart it.

It seems like when connecting BT747 to the device, the device settings are changed to "MixedStamp" but the logging is only effected by the time settings.

I am using bt747 version V2.X.1968M (10.10.2012)
Connected to a Holux M-1000C
Flash info: C22016C2 (MX,4MB)
Model:005C (?)
FirmWare: AXN_1.30-B_1.3_C01 (01029-00E)
Logger SW:V1.39

Is this a bug?


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Hi 1. I suppose that you have


1. I suppose that you have selected the M1000C protocol in Settings/DeviceProtcol from the top menu.

2. Some Holux devices limit selection to either time or distance.  Apparently this limitation is also applied tothe M1000C.  If the configuration of the Holux with the default protocol allows you to configure both distance and time logging, we can consider this a bug/unappropriate limitation in BT747.  However, for some devices it is a feature because they do not allow both at the same time.

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Yes, I selected M1000C as

Yes, I selected M1000C as DeviceProtocol and Holux GR-245 in the LogOperations/Convert/Device.

The Holux web page and documentation supply very little information, but I checked on the web, and you are right. The M1000C "Log criteria" can be configured to Time or Distance, not both.

But why does connecting BT474 to the device, changes the LogReason logged to "TD" "MixedStamp" from whatever I set it for before, whether Time or Distance. I can see logpoints with the correct RCR until I connect with BT474 again. From there on, all new log points show "TD" "MixedStamp" until I reconfigure the device again for Time or Distance.

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It is strange that a simple

It is strange that a simple connection of the software with the device would change the way it labels the log reason of the positions.  BT747 does not change the settings untill you click the appropriate set button.

The "TD" represents what is stored in the logger memory which is interpreted independently from the live settings of the device.  I can only suppose that this is some kind of bug in the logger due to the fact that originally the firmware allowed both the log conditions at the same time and that a limitation was built in by changing the serial command to set the log condition; the serial command only allows setting time or distance, with one setting forcibly disabling the other.