Download recorded tracks (Gosget MB-688L)

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Thank you for develope this great gps application. 

I've an old gps bt mouse (Gosget MB-688L) And i've lost orginal firmware files cd.


I found your application for supporting my gps device. But i have a problem with downloading recorded tracks.

I've connected device via Bluetooth.

Cause i could not connect with regular usb. (CP2102 usb to uart bridge controller missing in Device Manager.)


All real coordinates came into screen instantly. 

When i want to get download tracks, it's waiting on Downloading... But nothing has came..


What can i do for download recorded datas ? Do you know another 3rd party solution ?

Thank you.

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The bluetooth connection

The bluetooth connection might be single direction (from device to computer)  - this was the case on the early iBlue 747's.

The CP2102 driver can be fetched from the Silicon Labs site.  Check it out: .

Try getting the USB/serial bridge running and download using that link.  I do not know the standard speed for the MB-688L, so try several speeds.

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Great! Thanks so much.. it's

Great! Thanks so much.. it's worked correctly!

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