Holux M-1000C - BT Address can't be set

Hi everybody,

I've installed the latest version of FW available from Holux (1.04) to my M-1000C and tried to change the Bluetooth address, but I didn't succeed. Currently it is 000000000000 and it always returns to this value after pressing the button. I'm not sure if it was different from the factory. I couldn't find any support on their website and their Support team replied something like "Does it work OK? If not, return it to the vendor" (that's what I call a professional reply to a question about changing BT Address :-/).

Why I want to change it? Because I have problems with SE phones and I suspect the address of zeros can be a problem (please correct me if I'm wrong)


  • on W810i, I can connect (pair), but it is not possible to disconnect (the phone has to be switched off to be able to turn off Bluetooth); when I open the "Connected BT devices", I see a connection named "ÿ" (umlauted y), which is not probably the right thing
  • on W995, I can search the M-1000C, enter the pairing code (0000), but then the phone displays "Adding the M-1000C" and animates the waiting bar forever.

Thanks for any help, J. (WinXP 32bit, latest BT747 (Java Web Start))

My HOLUX M-1000C has factory

My HOLUX M-1000C has factory BT adress "0000" try to use it at first.

Thanks for your reply! I

Thanks for your reply!

I think that you mean password for pairing (this one you have to enter into a prompt when trying to connect to the phone), right? I mean BT ID, which is something that should be unique for different Bluetooth devices. This can be seen when you open properties of your connection and usually when you do the BT devices discovery - you usually see a list of 12digit numbers (those are the Bluetooth IDs), that are later converted to names of the devices (e.g., HOLUX M-1000C, Nokia ..., W995, ...) - but this depends on your phone (or laptop, ...) you're doing the BT discovery on.

Hi I have the same problem,


I have the same problem, I've wrote the previous bluetooth mac address but when I click on "set", 00:00:00:00:00:00 appears again.

Do you found a solution a solution for this problem?

I contacted with Holux support but no answer.


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Once the bits in memory are

Once the bits in memory are "0' you can not change them to "1" unless the memory is erased which is done during a firmware write.