Struggling with AGPS

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[using BT747 2.X.1933 on Linux]

Firstly, thanks for such an excellent tool, I'm very impressed. Just got a Holux M-1200E, and it's working perfectly with BT747.

I'm struggling however trying to upload fresh AGPS data to the logger. I have a current EPO file.

No doubt I'm being very stupid, but I don't see how to update the URL used. I have the EPO file locally, so I want to use a file:// URL for it, of course. But I don't see anything anywhere in BT747 where I can set the URL.

I've also tried the --agps and --agps-url cmdline args, but it's not clear how that works. The Info window doesn't say anything relevant when I start BT747 with these args, nor does the AGPS window look any different; in particular the URL remains blank. Clicking "Upload", after a long delay, produces the usual ftp error.

Running "strings" on the settings file, I can see that the URL appears to remain the default.

What am I missing here, please?

thanks again... regards, calum.