Track entires are duplicated

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Firstly, I'd like to thank you for this impressive software.

I've downloaded latest desktop stable version, seems to work ok with Holux M1200E, except one thing.

On screenshoot :

Trak entires are duplicated.

1->28, than again 1->28.

Memory info tells, that I have 28 entires, but track looks pretty weird, like "circuited"

Is there any way to remove this entires ? Or filter-out ? They are actually identical...

P.S. Original software from cd enclosed with logger works ok and shows normal track.

Thanks in advance


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Hi I think that you reference


I think that you reference the log file two times (once in files to convert and once in the main panel).

Did you set the right conversion option (logger time on the right of the conversion option)?

Please share a snapshot of the main panel and the file panel to see if things are concordant.

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Hmm, "case closed". Looks,

Hmm, "case closed".

Looks, that you were right, I doubled it in neighbour tab. Just one note, I think, it's a common mistake and may be worth adding to the faq.


Finally, it worked.

Thanks for this tip, and good luck in development.