Holux M-1000C can't chang GPGSA & GPGSV frequency

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I use bt747 deaktop BT747_2.0.1_full version connect my Holux M-1000C successfully,I want chang  Holux M-1000C’ GPGSA & GPGSV frequency in advanced device configuration(Flash configuration),because it's GPGSA & GPGSV frequency is 1 time/1 sec.I used 1000C connect my cellphone Nokia 5320(S60 V3)successfully,can receive signal,but in Route 66,when at navigation mode it can't display direction arrow.I think that because of 1000c's GPGSA & GPGSV frequency is 5 times/1 sec,but Route 66's 1 time/1 sec.1000C and Route 66 can't sync.

Please give me a hand deal this problem,my Holux M-1000C firmware version is 1.30.Could I edit firmware ?