time problem

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in bt747 with my gps there is a problem

in the gps data section

gps time is: 00:50

but it's false it's currently 02:50

any idea?


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I belive that GPS uses UTC+0

I belive that GPS uses UTC+0 as Timezone worldwide.

So if you live for example in Germany where Dayligth Saving Time adds another hour on the Europe/Berlin (normally UTC+1) Timezone. You will end with a difference of 2 hours from the GPS Time.



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Yep, the GPS time is

Yep, the GPS time is UTC-0.

Some devices allow you to see the local time on the display, but they still log the UTC-0 time.

I set my camera to the UTC0 time too so that I do not need to bother with time zone crossings of my camera time.