Is there a unique device id or name?

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I download tracks from 4 devices (BT-Q1300S) at the same time. Works perfekt with BT747 command line. But there is no device id in the tracks. So I cannot identify which track belongs to which device. Is there a possibility to read the device id? Or can I set and read a custom device name?

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The device ID is not in the

The device ID is not in the log itself.

The bluetooth address can be used for device identification.

I have not completed the functionality yet to have the device's bluetooth address in the filename.

Some of the more recent devices have another method to identify the device (you can set an identifier), but I did not investigate much on that yet.

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Thanks for feedback. I'm

Thanks for feedback. I'm using USB for the download, so I have not Bluetooth address :-(

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You do have the bluetooth

You do have the bluetooth address if you ask for it.

--mac-address                           Report the BT Mac Address.  Can be used for unique identification.  

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Thanks. I think this will

Thanks. I think this will help for a workaround.