Holux GR245 exports wrong elevation data (-48m MSL)

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My GR-245 is working fine, but elevation is always around -47.8 to -47.9 m MSL. That can't be true.

The real altitude and altitude difference for tracks is displayed in the device, so I know it DOES log elevation data.

Any ideas?

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Did you set the correct log

Did you set the correct log format (on the far righ to fthe connect button is indicated initially 'Default device' - you have to set that to Holux GR-245).  Holux changed their format between devices in that in altitude has become speed (in m/s) and speed became altitude.

If that does not help you can share one of your logs with me so that I can have a look.

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ooops... That's it. I set the


That's it. I set the format to Holux M-241 not GR-245. Now everything is correct!

Thanks for your help!