Changing update rate

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I am just wondering why I can not change the update rate of my BT747A+? With the BTB747 software it is always set to the value '1'. With the original software "GpsView v2.0.16" I can change the update rate from 1Hz to 5Hz.

Are these the same update rate values or is there a difference between the update rate of the original software and BT747?

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If you try to change the

If you try to change the update rate in the flash settings, then this is likely not possible.

You can change the update rate that is stored in RAM.  In BT747 you have to set the fix period for that (200ms) in the Device Settings panel.

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Are the changes in RAM

Are the changes in RAM somwhat persistent or will they get lost after changing the battery?

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They are somewhat persistant

They are somewhat persistant until the battery power is lost.  Power On/Off does not impact these values (at this moment, the FW writer can always decide to change that in the future).

To cope with loss of these values, BT747 has a 'volatile settings' store/restore function.  These settings corresponds to the settings that are lost when the devices looses power (equivalent to battery removal).  So if you store them first, then you can restore them later by clicking on the 'Restore' button.

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But this function is not

But this function is not available in the mobile version? I can not find anything like this in that software..

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This function is available in

This function is available in the mobile version.

In the J2ME version, go to 'Logger' where you will see 'Log conditions', 'Log Fields', 'MTK Logger status' and then two entries related to this function.

As long as the volatile values are not retrieve from the logger, it will show "- Getting values -'.  When retrieved it should show something like 'Store values'. 
The line under that initially shows '- No stored settings -' which will change to something like 'Restore values' after you did a 'Store values'.

In the SuperWaba version, this is in the 'Easy' panel where you have 'Store settings' and 'Restore settings'.  Both are initially greyed out and will become useable according to similar conditions as in the other flavors of BT747.