How to remove waypoints?

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I'm new to all these GPS things... I have managed to download a log from my gps, but there are too many waypoints as the button is accidentally pushed when the gps is in my backpack. I'm not sure how/if I can remove waypoints inside BT747. The "waypoint" panel seems to be read-only; on the map panel, the left window remains empty, while if I right-click on it there's a popup "remove selected elements". (or something like that, I'm using the french version). Can it be done?


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Hi It is quite easy to


It is quite easy to 'remove' waypoints in BT747 but currently not interactively (the remove selected elements is currently only for documents that you want to geotag).

What you have to do is to go to the 'Filter' subpanel where you can indicate what trackpoints and what waypoints are.  If you deselect 'button' in the waypoint filter (leaving all the Log Reason (RCR) tickboxes blank), none of the positions will be identified as a waypoint.
If you want to go one step further, you can also deselect button from the Trackpoint filter.

(In french this would be the 'Filtres' subpanel with on the right 'filtre repères' and 'Bouton').
BTW, I am open for suggestions to improve the french translation.  Even if French is not my native tongue, I did do the french translation and I am not sure that I chose the best wording in all cases despite me living in France since just over a decade.