feature request: change of distance filter behavior

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The distance filter produces some unexpected results.
When I use it the track points that are actually exported seem to be filtered by the distance to the last point in the original track, not the distance to the last exported point.
Would it be possible to either change this behavior to: export one point, add the distance fields of the next points until the minimum distance entered in the filter is reached and as soon as that happens export the next point... ?
I use the logger mainly while cycling - lower speeds therefore. It might not make a big difference when driving a car.
With the current behavior when I set the filter to 10 m the exported points are sometimes kilometers apart although there are plenty points in between. It seems to be more like a speed filter as it only exports points where I reached a speed that's fast enough to reach a 10m distance between points in 1 second (which is the logging interval of my Columbus V-900)
Thanks a lot by the way for including the distance calculation!
hope that explanation wasn't confusing...

cheers, Phil

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I'll think about how to

I'll think about how to change the internal distance calculation to sum all distances as long as the position is not used in the output (trackpoint or waypoint).
There can be some unwanted sideeffects.

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Hi Mario!Maybe it would be

Hi Mario!
Maybe it would be better not to sum up the ditance values but just check if the point is at least x meters away from the last exported point - if the values are summed up, inaccuracies of the gps positioning might result in an output of points, which are not actually x meters apart but very close together just because their logging times were far enough apart to reach the distance filter value by summing up the errors in positioning.
Thanks a lot for thinking about the filter although there are other more demanding projects ongoing :-)
cheers phil