Fix takes longer and longer

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i'm not shure this an bt747 software configuration problem or a problem of my devices. when i trun on my i-blue 747 after a long time or on new place the first fix after the start ist very fast about 1 minute. the problem is, that how longer i stay on the same area (my flat for example) the fix after the turn on takes longer and longer up to 20 minutes.

when cange the place for some kilometers the fix is first time very fast an then takes longer and longer again.

is there any configuratio option in bt747 that taks effect on the fix?

i hope my decription is understandable.



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Hi This is the first time


This is the first time that I hear from this kind of problem.

I know that the AGPS functionality of the devices can have some problems (not due to BT747) but they are in that case of a different kind.

In BT747 you can perform a 'Cold start' or 'Reset factory settings'.  This way you will erase any memorised data regarding the sat positions.  Somebody reported that this improved the performance in Australia for a device where the battery is not removeable.  In case you can remove the battery, removing it should achieve the same effect.

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Hi, hmm, I cannot explicitely


hmm, I cannot explicitely report that problem, especially that there is an increase in TTFF over time when staying at the very same place, however, I also noted that sometimes the otherwise very fast fix times of the iblue 747 for hot, warm and even cold starts, even under bad reception (inside buildings) changes that the fix takes many minutes. I cannot report if it does not occur when changing the location)

However, reception INSIDE flats (is that your case) is problematic, and cann especially hamper warm and cold-starts where more searching is involved. A complete coldstart with a total reload of the "Almanac" takes at least 12 minutes and longer if the reception is unstable. (However, in many cases under better conditions, a fix is found before actually the total coldstart is finished  i.e. the device has found a valid combination of satellites and downloaded the exact ephemerides from those satellites, but not still not downloaded the full Almanac

(Only some general thoughts, does not really solve or clarify the problem, sorry)

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thank you for you

thank you for you comments.

remove the battery is working but its not very handy.

i will play around maybe i found a solution or the reason why this happens.