Required code .bin file to KML conversion

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Hello Friends,


I am trying BT747 application it's working gr8

but i want .bin (row file) to KML and HTML conversion.

I am trying find login and code in between BT747 application but i didn't get.

anybody know the  logic or sample code

please reply me.




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Hi Your question is not very


Your question is not very clear.  You want to find the source code to do the conversion?  All the source is in the zip distributions.

Further, you might be more interested in the CLI (Command Line Interface) of BT747 (see command line overview).

Hello Friend thanks your

Hello Friend

thanks your reply.

my question is i want use travel recorder device in my own application.

how i can use device mense i want row data from device which i get in binary format.

then i want to convert that binary data in KML format and Pure HTML format.

can i know about that.

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Hi As indicated, several


As indicated, several people simply uses BT747's CLI (including some companies).

I've describe most of the device's protocol and log format in a document that I made public.

You can have a look at the mtkbabel project for a simpler code example.

The conversion routines in BT747 are in src/gps/log/in and src/gps/log/out .


Hi mdeweerd, Thanks  for your

Hi mdeweerd,

Thanks  for your guidance. I am certainly interested in using the CLI for BT747. I had a look at the link that you pointed. The commands look useful but I am not sure how to use them (for say to export the log as KML/HTML file). Are there any examples that I can refer to?

Any help us greatly appreciated.



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I can provide consulting

I can provide consulting service if you need to.

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Hi mdeweerd, I am interested

Hi mdeweerd,

I am interested your consulting service.

Previous I know the service charges and condition.

I think i have remening one problem which -

I want to retrive all GPS Device Data information using command line Interface.

Like - Latitude,Longitude,Geoid,FlashInfo,Model,Firmware and connected PORT.



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Hi I replied to you in


I replied to you in private.

Kind regards