Smart/Intelligent download no longer works

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Hi, i have a IBlue Bt747 logger, B-core_1.1, SW V1.38. It used to work fine and I could use the intelligent download mode (it would only download new tracks quickly).

Something happened some month ago, it still logs fine, but all form of download now will download the whole memory (which takes long), with the very same version of the BT747 software. I already tried resetting the device in all kinds of modes but no change. I also installed (also a new version of) BT747 on another computer, but still the same behaviour. Any ideas?

I think the device/flash memory got damaged in some strange way!?

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Is your device in overwrite

Is your device in overwrite mode?  In that case a full download typically happens.

To avoid this, set the device in stop mode and erase the memory - then it should be ok.

I do not expect this to be a demonstration of corrupted flash.  You can always try the 'recover faulty memory' function to start clean.

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Hi, I played again around


I played again around with these settings - and no change! The best that I can do is use an OLD (and PDA) version which still has the "Stop Download" button (where is this on the newer (desktop) version?!) and simply abort the download manually when the # of transfered bytes is larger than the # of used bytes initially indicated (and then convert to GPX or whatever)

This still works fast and reliable! Otherwise it takes literally forever to always download the whole memory.

What exactly is that "stop mode"? "Disable logging while connected" or similar? I tried this.

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Hi In the 'Device Settings'


In the 'Device Settings' tab you'll find the 'Log by ...' subpanel where you can see at the bottom right 'Stop when full' or 'Overwrite when full'.  when it is already 'Stop when full', a simple erase is needed.  Otherwise, change it to 'Stop when full', click 'Set' in the subpanel and then erase.  When you it is still 'Overwrite ' after the 'Set' operation, erase first, then change and set and erase again.

This functionality indicates that when the logger memory is filled completely that the first sector of the memory must be erase and used to continue logging.  This then continues in a circular manner.

You can not change the mode from 'overwrite' to 'stop' if this circular overwriting has already begun.  That is why you need to erase first in that case.

I had a request recently to make it possible to abort the download in the Desktop GUI.  I'll add that.  The Human/Machine Interface is not one of my strengths.  I found a book on the topic a few days ago and ordered it - it should arrive this Friday.  Once that is read, I'll probably be able to rethink the GUI properly.

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Hi again! Now I understand, I

Hi again!

Now I understand, I actually knew about that stop/circular overwrite functionality, but not about that quirk! (I usually used the "stop mode", but maybe it was changed shortly once!)

So at best I do ERASE - "STOP" - ERASE again and one needs to be certain that logging is off while connected, otherwise overwriting might start again before "Stop" is issued!!??

Thanx a lot, I will try later!

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Unless you are logging at 5Hz

Unless you are logging at 5Hz with the entire operation of erase/stop/erase taking more than 2 hours, there is no risk of overwriting starting again while logging is on... 

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Hi again! whatever the final

Hi again!

whatever the final change after my resetting yesterday was, I just downloaded the track of my trip today (still with the old PDA version) and it automatically stopped where it should! GREAT - thanks!

I will now try the newest dekstop version, too!

UPDATE: Works OK also with the desktop version!

thanx again!