Where can I buy a GPS logger?

I've seen on several forums the question 'Where can I buy XXX', where XXX is a GPS Logger. So I decided to make a list here of physical and internet locations where you can buy loggers. If you already bought one, you can help to complete the list. You can drop me a note through the 'Contact' functionality of this site or by writing an email to my email address mentioned in the 'About' of the application. No guarantee given about the quality of the sellers! If you are a seller or manuacturer and you'ld like me to have better means to support & validate your device with BT747, we are happy to receive samples.


Also check the offer(s) on this site, or make contact through the contact form.


Germany [Deutschland]


United States

No longer selling (compatible) loggers:

  • www.dantotec.de
  • www.foto-erhardt.de
  • www.holux-gps-vertrieb.de
  • www.tekade.de
  • star-navigation.nl (site closed)
  • www.syspack.com
  • www.icintracom.biz (only for reseller)
  • www.digimesta.com