Not possible to start *.command

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It is not possible to start the bt747_macosX_j2se.command on my MacBook wit OSX Tiger.

The following text is written in terminal window:
Last login: Fri Feb 27 16:19:26 on ttyp1
/Users/re/Desktop/BT747_1.68.2_full-1\ Folder/bt747_macosX_j2se.command; exit
Welcome to Darwin!
sn-res-computer:~ re$ /Users/re/Desktop/BT747_1.68.2_full-1\ Folder/bt747_macosX_j2se.command; exit
usage: dirname path

/Users/re/Desktop/BT747_1.68.2_full-1 Folder/bt747_macosX_j2se.command: line 29: javaw: command not found
[Prozess end]

It is possible to work with BT747 Apllication V1.61.3 Java tool. It works great with the Holux M-241

Thanks for your fast reply

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Double problem?

It seems that on your system

'ROOT_DIR=`dirname $0`'

does not work.


which java >/dev/null 2>&1 && JAVA=java
which javaw >/dev/null 2>&1 && JAVA=javaw

does not work.

a) It could be that the space in the path is making part of the things fail.
Can you try with

ROOT_DIR=`dirname "$0"`

b) It looks like 'javaw' is first found, but then possibly not found. However, it could also be the space in the path. Try

$JAVA ${MEM_OPTION} -Djava.library.path=${RXTX_BIN_PATH} -jar "${ROOT_DIR}/dist/BT747_j2se.jar" $*

It would be interesting to get the result of the script with the first line to
#!/bin/bash -x

(or replace /bin/bash with the shell used)

Manually you could probably get it to work