Sony Ericsson elm tracker *.result format and conversion

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Hello, I've got a newbie question. My Sony Ericsson elm phone has the sports tracker application included. The tracker doesn't offer a data export function. All I get is the log file #.result.

What is the format of that log file and how can I import/convert it with BT747?

I'm able to get file off the phone and I tried a myriad of options with many applications to the point where I'm totally confused :)

I've attached the file 3.result.gif (remove ".gif") when looking at the file - sorry that I had to trick the upload

thanks for any help!

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Hi I had a look - it looks


I had a look - it looks like a description of the format is difficult to find as well as a third party application capable of converting it.

Looking at the data in hex format suggests that it should not be very complicated to reverse engineer, but that is a lot easier if for the same format we have data we can already understand.

I attached the full hex dump.

We can see that there is a pattern - I think there is a short header and then records of fixed length.  It is clear when I organise the data:



So that is 26 byte for a record all starting with "52440012401376" (if the start of a record is correctly chosen). If your GPS positions is more or less 52.5 N 04.5 E (close to Amsterdam), we have a good hunch about what is lat and lon already.

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Yes, the data is from the

Yes, the data is from the Amsterdam area.

How can I help in creating a translator?

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now I'm logged in... the

now I'm logged in...

the other data items which are logged with tracker are time (starting from 00:00.00), speed and distance

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I guess that the SonyEricsson

I guess that the SonyEricsson application can spit out some other formats already like gpx and other things.

So if we can match that with the binary data it is easier to find out what the exact meaning is.

So for me, the first 52 on a line is the full degrees North and the 04 following the series of zeros the full degrees East.  The next question is to know wheter we also have minutes and seconds or a representation of the fractional part.  Where the time value is and how it is encoded, ... .

So if you can decode that or help decode that, putting it into a format reader is pretty simple given the simplicity of the format.

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looks like GPS Utility is

looks like GPS Utility is able to read the format - attached a screenshot of what it makes of the .result data

I'd like to avoid having to get the data converted via GPSUtility first before I can use BT747.

From what I can tell, there's a single column "S" - if the value is "S" then there's no time, distance or speed data - if the value is "C" we've got time, dist, speed


This particular model of a Sony Ericsson doesn't include a save-as or export function for tracker.

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Gabe, did you receive my

Gabe, did you receive my mail?

Hi guys, Did you  manage to

Hi guys,

Did you  manage to find an app that converts the file? GPS utilities is limited to 500 pts.

Or do you have the algorithm that helps translating the .result data in something intelligible?

I'd like to have that and then build my own PC appli to convert it for google maps. That, I'd know how to do it.





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Hi Sylvain We've started on

Hi Sylvain

We've started on decoding the format, but I am a bit busy else where.  If you are interested, you can join the effort.  I started a spreadsheet for it.

When the spreadsheet is done, I can add format translation to BT747 and you'll automatically have all the different formats.

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I've just emailed the author

I've just emailed the author (Alan Murphy) of GPS Utility if he'd be willing to explain how to decode the .result file.

keep your fingers crossed


Hi guys and thanks for this

Hi guys and thanks for this answer.

Based on previous messages i'm trying to develop a script to do the job.

But there are not much info and will be complicated.

For the challenge I hope that I'll finish it before you get an answer from GPS utility developer, otherwise I hope you'll share what you discover.



Sylvain who's going to break his fingers.



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Hi Sylvain Send me an email

Hi Sylvain

Send me an email (contact form, address in the application) and I'll share the Google Document with you regarding the reverse.

If it is in BT747, it is almost automatically ported to J2ME too.

Kind regards


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Hi I cracked the lat and lon


I cracked the lat and lon value encoding.  I am going to write up some code for that.  That still leaves the other fields to do...

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The first version of the

The first version of the .result file decoder is implemented in BT747.

Lat and Lon are ok.  The time field is not perfect.

I supposed that Lat and Lon are each on 8 bytes even if the last three bytes are 00.  These could mean something else too and conflict in the future, but they could be lat and lon.

To use the converter: drag and drop the files to BT747 or set the file as 'raw log file'.  The extension of the file must be '.result'.  Then convert as you like.

The time has currently as start '00'.  This could potentially be improved by using the file date&time as the end point.  But first the units of the time must be correct.  I guess that is not too complex for you to discover ;-).  The sample file from Gabe decodes fine.

The version is 2.X.1743 .

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great job and thanks for your

great job and thanks for your effort in brining in the .result format!

I'll test it right away.


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The J2ME version has been

The J2ME version has been recompile with the new '.result' format integrated.

That is as of version 0.3.64 .

I supose that the Sony ELM is capable of executing J2ME code.  You can get BT_J2ME from for instance.

To convert, go to the 'convert' menu, indicate the correct path and file name (must end in .result), then convert.
The path that will be used is given in 'App Settings', 'working dir'.

Not tested, but should work.

thanks for making that

thanks for making that conversion app! very useful :)

On my P1i mobile version

On my P1i mobile version looks to be useless (gives question mark before every access to memory card/phone memory). Is there any chance to implement conversion from .result format to .gpx i desktop version?

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That is actually already the

That is actually already the case !

Just set the '.result' file as the raw log file, or drag and drop your .result files to BT747 (they will be added in 'Files to tag').  The raw log file can point to an empty file or so if you want to use the drag and drop method all the time.

Then convert to whatever format you like.

Stupid me ;) I have installed

Stupid me ;)

I have installed build from this page: not the latest one.

Newest one works perfectly :)

Thanks a lot :DD

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The latest one should be both

The latest one should be both on and in - currently 0.3.68 .

Unless you were trying the Android version, I can not see how you did not get the latest one from .

However, you might mean that you initially tried the J2ME version and not the desktop version on the PC.

First I tried with this:

First I tried with this:

downloaded from here:


is from here:

Anyway, it's working perfecly :D

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Ok, thanks for

Ok, thanks for clarifying.

Both versions are 'latest', but one is the J2ME version which is for mobile phones essentially, the other one is for the Desktop (and there is another version for the PDA available throught the zip file distribution).

It's always a pleasure to learn that it works ;-).

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I have install in my Sony

I have install in my Sony ericsson Elm   but not not able to install. Don't know where i am making mistake. Can i have a screen shots of how to install.

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Hi On several phones that I


On several phones that I tried, it is possible to open the file using the 'file browser' on the phone.  A bit like on desktops, it generally recognizes the extension and will (try to) open it as a java application when the extension is '.jar'.

Kind regards


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thanks for helping me out ,

thanks for helping me out , using this i can solve the problem which i m facing with my sony ericsson elm ...

Hello, everyone! Great that

Hello, everyone!

Great that someone is taking care of converting the .result file!

I tried GPS utility and yes, it reads my .result file well (i.e. it gives reasonable coordinates).

I tried the converter on the PC, just clicking on in the comment above. Java started but I was not able to convert a file. I did not find a "start" button. When I clicked one of  the 9 buttons for a file format, nothing happened, i.e. I did not get a result file in the specified path. Sorry if this is an RTFM question.

However, I came across this page when I was looking for information on the file format. I'd like to write a command-line-utility to convert the .result file on the PC and then do some calculations like the glide angle of an arial vehicle. Elevation is obviously given in a resolution of 10m, which is not overwhelming but OK.

I downloaded a .result file from my phone and had a look at it:
Most lines start with 52 44 as well (again if the start of a record is correctly chosen), although my position is quite different from Amstardam.
Furthermore, not all records are 26 bytes long. The ones starting with 52 41 and 52 56 seem to be shorter.
What did you find out about the format?

Greetings, Martin

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Hi You can run BT747 as a


You can run BT747 as a commandline utility (check out the options by running BT747 -h or in the documentation).  If the source file extension is '.result' it should convert correctly.

There are indeed records of different length - some are 2, 8, 12, 

The specific conversion code is in this file: .


To convert, set the filename for the log file to the '.result' log file or drag and drop the '.result' file to BT747.  Then click one of the 9 buttons.

Thanks, it's working

Thanks, it's working great!

Instead of starting the app directly from the browser, I downloaded it and started it locally.
Now it converts the files. I also had a look at the code, so I know how to decode it myself - if I will still want to.

Greetings, Martin

Elevation is obviously given

Elevation is obviously given in a resolution of 10m

Have you confirmed that with some more data from higher up? To me it looks more like 10*feet. But often the elevations where I am are less than the error margin.


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As 'martinpi' is a member of

As 'martinpi' is a member of the forum, I think that he will not respond.

If you can establish that the altitude is given in feet, I am willing to adjust BT747 for that.

If the error margin can be 'big' if you find a place where you have a differential of 50-100m, the error margin will be only "a small factor".  And relative changes are generally smaller than the error margin (if you go up by 10 meters and the measurement says 30meters (under the current conversion rules), then I think we can establish things are expressed in 'feet'.