Smart download - what is it?

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I've just started using the software with my iBlue 747A+ and so far liking it, albeit a bit lost in the abundance of options.

Could anyone please explain what is "smart download" (not much description is given re. its AI) and whether it is the preferred method of downloading tracks vs. "full download" or "normal download"?


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  A Full Download will fetch


  • A Full Download will fetch all the content of the memory in the logger, whether it is filled with data or not.
  • A Normal Download, will download the data like the original application does: it fetches the data up to the position that is reported as the last filled position.  It will download the entire memory if the device is in overwrite mode (actually, when the first sector of the memory was erased while overwrite mode was actif);
  • The Smart Download will determine if the file on the computer contains data that corresponds to the data in the device.  If so, it will only download new data up to the reported "last" position.  That is similar to 'normal download', but it does not download already downloaded data again.  There is one exception: a full download will be done if the first sector of the memory was erased while overwrite mode was actif.

So in short: "Smart Download" usually shortens the download time by downloading only new data.  Normal download fetches all recorded data.  Full Download makes sure that you get the entire memory content (which can be usefull if you think that  there is some failure in the download process with the other methods).And in very short: Smart Download is the best method for most users.