Skytraq logger support

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You can use this thread to report about supported Skytraq devices or about experience on using BT747 with Skytraq devices.

At the moment of writing, BT747 only supports Skytraq log conversion, but support for log download is underway.

If you wish, do not hesitate to create a separate discussion topic.

I'm waiting for log download

I'm waiting for log download from skytraq :)

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Thanks for the heads-up. It

Thanks for the heads-up.

It will be in there sometime for sure.  There is still quite some competition with other priorities.

Track conversion from the raw log is already possible (I believe you have to use the '.log' extension for the input file).

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Hi there! First of all,

Hi there!

First of all, THANKS for this awesome software.

I use Canmore GT-730FL-S logger and found this website when looking for a better software to decode binary data from the log file.

Here's my problem. I'm trying to decode data to NMEA format and import it into google earth. Decoded NMEA file looks OK, however when I try to import it in google earth I get "Loaded no data" message. Here's a sample:


I have only this single line in the NMEA file and it doesn't work in google earth. Since the NMEA data looks fine, I guess it's not the SkyTraq binary format decoding issue, but I'm decoding from this format so I posted here.

Same binary files decoded with original software and GPSbabel look similar and work OK. GPSbabel crashes with most of my binary files so I'd like to move to BT747 which doesn't crash.

Another issue I noticed is that even though I go to "output settings" and select time in milliseconds and lat/log digits to 4, the output file is still the same as above (no milliseconds and six digits of lat/lon after decimal point).

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By default the output files

By default the output files only contain data that can be found in the source.  The Skytraq format does not store milliseconds, so there are none in the output.

You can force the fields to be present in the output by checking the 'Create Missing Fields' box in the Output settings.

I guess that GE is not happy because some fields in the NMEA are missing, but IMHO my sentence is in line with the NMEA requirement that says that empty fields should be ignored.  For example there is no A or V in the 3rd position.
That should be 'fixed' by clicking the 'Create Missing Fields' option.

You can also create KML, KMZ or GPX which are other formats that are understood by GE.


Great that you like the SW ;-).



Yep, the "create missing

Yep, the "create missing fielsd" checkbox totally fixed the problem! THANKS!!! I was actually thinking about the lack of 'A' in the third position but I was too lazy to calculate the new checksum to check if adding 'A' would work :P Anyway, now everything works perfect. I LOVE this software man! :D Great job!

Hi, Was wondering if this


Was wondering if this device works with Microsoft Map Point 2010 the program states that it works with the NMEA 2 standard, yet the Canmore GT 730FL-S is NMEA 1.83 V3.OI  is there a FIRMWARE UPGRADE to get the device the NMEA 2 STARDARD.

Please help I biought the device to work on my laptop with the Map Point software,.

I am a wheelchair user with a adapted vehicle and intend to use the device and software to find essential services whilst in unfamiliar towns and cities.

Your hepl woulb be greatly appreciated

Arfur D

Help with Canmore 730FL-S GPS

Help with Canmore 730FL-S GPS Device

Hi. I want to use the

Hi. I want to use the Canmore730FL-S GPS Device with Microsoft Map Point software which uses the NMEA 2 standard the device above uses the NMEA 183 V3.01 STARDARD, is there a firmware upgrade yhat will allow me to use the Map Point software on my notebook laptop.

I am a wheelchair user and intend to use my laptop to find essential services whilst out traveling.

Your help would be appreciated.

Arfur D