Qstarz BT1000x inconsistent connection methods for desktop and full versions

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First of all, thank you for BT747.

Second, I would like to inform you of my experience, as a non-technical user, that is similar to another poster below who is using both a Mac as well as the iBlue GPS tracker. In this case, I am using the Qstarz BT1000x.

I have discovered that using the desktop webinstall version is slightly different from using the full downloaded version. This is unlike earlier versions that I used.

In the webinstall version, selecting "Bluetooth for Mac" or " /dev/cu.QstarzGPS-SPPslave-1" works. This is not the case for the full downloaded version where the full path (in my case "/dev/cu.QstarzGPS-SPPslave-1") must be entered in order to connect with the GPS tracker. In any case, it is usually there by default. However, instructions on the Internet say that you should select Bluetooth for Mac.

If, after you have used the full desktop version and then change to the webinstall version, you will sometimes be required to re-pair the device.

Furthermore, I've recently noticed that using the webinstall version, the Memory Used information is present. But it is not for the full download version. It's not of major consequence, however, if you always clear the memory after downloading the information.

Well, I hope that anyone who has trouble connecting with Qstarz BT1000x will find this useful.

Thank you.