mobile version and nokia 5800 (touch screen)

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Hi to all

I'm trying to use the mobile version on my nokia 5800 with touch screen.

Everything goes right but I can't use the presetted poi's categories (0 - took a picture, 1 - Gaz station, ecc) because I don't know how to "click" them: I' havent got the numeric keyboard available and I' can't selected from the list from the touch screen. Any solutions?

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I'll see what I can do to

I'll see what I can do to change this touchscreen functionality.

On my Samsung, there are some virtual buttons available under the Java App where I have some arrows and a virtual '123' button.  When I 'click' 123, the numerical entry becomes available.

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I've got the arrow buttons

I've got the arrow buttons and four "a,b,c,d" buttons but not the numeric ones :-(