Inconsistent file naming when "Do not apply UTC offset" is checked

Bild von pixonian

I have a bin file from Holux M-241 and convert it using BT747 v1.68.30 to GPX.  When I have a UTC offset other than 0 and the value checked against "Do not apply UTC offset", I get file names inconsistently named between GPX and other formats (as KMZ, CVS, etc.)  A log file may be named differently in different formats because UTC offset is applied to CVS format and the file name will contain a localized date and time as the file name.  When a bin file is converted to GPX, the UTC offset will not be applied and the file name will have a different value since the date/time of the values inside the file are different. 

A better approach is to follow the convention of a Holux utility where the file name will always have a UTC offset applied to the file name, but inside the file, the values could be in GMT or with applied UTC offset.  That will always give consistent file names regardless of a chosen format.  If a user decides to have a GPX file named with a UTC time as the file name, he may simply change the time zone to UTC+0.   In that case, all converted files will have again consistent names and all be in UTC.