How to export in KML w/o "markers"?

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I am reading the google maps API and can overlay the exported track on my sample map but I can't figure out how to get rid of all "markers". The exported track from BT747 looks like this:



<name>TIME: 07:25:05</name>
<description>HTML data.......

Basically, I want just the "point" part. I can parse it in Javascript but perhaps there's an easier way? Otherwise my KML track looks something like this:

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Hi Just make sure that in the


Just make sure that in the Filter panel for 'Waypoint filter', you have nothing checked for 'RCR'. 

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Initially I thought that was

Initially I thought that was the reason myself, so I unchecked everything in the Waypoint filter but it still outputs that information.

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Hi I did not read the initial


I did not read the initial post carefully enough, but i did so now.  I was mistaking with Google Earth.

Basically the Google Maps API does not respect the 'visibility' setting of the placemark information (that's an old grief and apparently it has not changed).

I think that you only want the linestring:









You can achieve that by unselecting the 'Add Track Point Info' in the 'Output Settings' tab.  You can also remove 'Add Track Point Name', but that should not be necessary.

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Got it, thanks!

Got it, thanks!