GPS 747a+ on MAC OS X Mountain Lion

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I already received my gps 747a+, I charged it and used to get some coordinates.

Now I installed the BT747 software, but I can not even detect the device. The drivers from the supplier are installed, and the MAC Bluetooth can detect the device, but despite of it... I can't access via Bluetooth neither USB.

I don't know anything about the commands I have been reading here in previous threads, how to detect which USB port is taking the GPS connected to the USB... I would like to recieve some help.


Thank you very much in advance!

I've got the same problem

I've got the same problem with my 747pro on my macbook pro (running under lion) ...!

I managed to setup the Holux

I managed to setup the Holux m1200 with BT747 v2.1.4 using the instruction at

My issue is that the Geoid shows -34.0m but i am 50m above ground.

Is there a solution to this?

Look in /var/lock. If there

Look in /var/lock.

If there are old files looking like: LK.051.018.015

Remove them and try again. If BT747 is not shut down cleanly it leaves the old lock files behind.

The lock file contains the process id. When BT747 connects it looks for lock files, if it finds one, and there is a live process with the number in (one of) the file(s) it assumes it is another BT747 accessing the device, and (silently) refuses to connect.