Feature Request - command line AGPS

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Dear developers,
it would be nice to have AGPS accessible under command line.
I'm expecially interested in using command line from OsX and Windows.

Thank you,


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Interface suggestion

What do you think about these options:

-agps-url URL [can be file or ftp://... - same as GUI, will upload data]
-agps-clear [url parameter not needed]

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Interface suggestion

It would be great...
I hope Transystem will release to public their FTP (I'll try to ask...)

Thank you.

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BT747cmd ready

I updated the BT747cmd interface (2.X.1407) and tested it using my virtual model (I do not have an AGPS capable device).

Regarding the URL: it is not required that it is made 'public' - only that it can be integrated in the application. It can be 'as hidden' as the other applications [i.e., I can make it available in the compiled version only, keeping the URL a local configuration on the build machine].

Hopefully you have more success.

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Transystem AGPS download

I've just received a reply from Transystem.
They are going to give their customers FTP access.
So *they* can set up their own mirror to offer AGPS data to the final customer.
In this way every distributor can make data accessible trought his own site...

My AGPS device has gone on holidays :-) In a few days it will come back and so I can test everything.

Thank you!


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BT747 is not 'a customer'


You got more info than I did (I got no reply to my mails).

However 'BT747' is not a customer of Transystem....

Kind regards


Have we already, a solution

Have we already, a solution for update AGP data from TranSystem? do we know passwd/siteURL?




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Yes, the above command line

Yes, the above command line is working very well.

If you don't specify an url it uses the embedded one that points directly to transystem's FTP. But you can upload even an epo file you've mirrored locally.

Best regards. Simone.

  Thanks Simone for your


Thanks Simone for your help. Now, I update Agps from my aplication.

I habe 2 question:

a) is it advise/obligatory to CLEAR Agps before update?

b) Is there  a command QUERY, to know how many day rest for Agps data?




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a) That is not needed. b) I

a) That is not needed.

b) I do not think this has been added to the command line, but if needed that can be done.  It is availble in the GUI.

Mario, thanks for reply. We

Mario, thanks for reply.

We are using BT747 into an aplication in C. We dont using the GUI. Then, for us, it is a big help if we can access from comand QUERY information.




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Hi Manuel I added

Hi Manuel

I added '-agps-status' as a command line option and it will output 'AGPS STATUS: Not supported' or 'AGPS Range 1: %s blocks.  From %s to %s.' and 'AGPS Range 2: %s and %s (unknown meaning)'.  Where most '%s' values represent a date, expect for the number of blocks.

The upload should start in a moment, the version should be 2.X.1669 .

Mario, I am using  command


I am using  command line succesfully, for download AGP+ and QUERY maturity day. But from a week, download AGP+ fall. I received that information:

BT747 Cmd V2.X.1669 build BT747_mdeweerd.1669.20100205232224668 GPL V3 LICENSE
141 - Freeport is COM4
141 - Classgps.connection.GPSRxTxPort
813 - Port opened
MTK Firmware: Version: AXN_1.0-B_1.3_C01 (TSI_747A+), ID(Device): 0006 (iBlue 747 A+)
Log Conditions: Time:5.0 Distance:0.0 Speed:0
1735 - Getting MTK7d.EPO data.
Exception created: Problem downloading AGPS data.
Device reports 1072 bytes used (0% of 4194304).
Device is in STOP (STOP on erase or memory wrap)

If I use GPSViewExe (aplication from Transystem) all is ok. ¿Any razon?








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It seems that for manuel the

It seems that for manuel the connection to the transystem server exceeded the timeout that was set to 5 seconds.  Even a timeout of 30 seconds was too short, but 60 seconds is ok.

This timeout can now be set as a parameter to java which is understood by BT747 starting from 2.x.1688:

java -DagpsTimeOut=60000 [...rest of line following 'java']