Error message starting BT747

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I am getting an error message when I start BT747

  An error was found in the program being run by the SuperWaba VM
  Error: can't access app classes /t BT747 BT747 BT747 BT747
  Please notify the program's author
  See debug console for details
  (a txt in the program's folder)

Unfortunately I can't find the txt, I've looked in My Device\SuperWaba and in My Device\SuperWaba\BT747

PDA is Acer N30, Processor is Samsung S3C2410 (ARM), OS is PPC2003 (NOT 2003SE, is this significant?)

Any one got any ideas please.


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Hi Apparently I missed this


Apparently I missed this message.  Apparently you already installed Superwaba.

The 'dist' directory has a 'BT747_Install.bat' which should automatically select the best cabinet file and start the installation process.