Direct OSM upload testing

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The development version features direct upload to OSM.

You need to enter your login and password on the 'AGPS' panel. Then you can use the 'OSMUp' button.

BT747 will generate gpx files (limiting the fields to the usefull ones for OSM) and then upload them to the server using the provided credentials.
A mail should then confirm you of a successfull upload.

I'll add the possibility to add descriptions and tags later.

For now, I would be interested in hearing your feedback and success/failure stories.
While testing, be kind to OSM though: do not upload big tracks.

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This works very well for me.

This works very well for me. Even for large tracks (30k points).
When initially using it about a month ago, tracks were uploaded as PRIVATE. They now seem to be PUBLIC.
I preferred it when they were private.

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Hi Androu I uploaded my

Hi Androu

I uploaded my vacation track and found that is is indeed public now while BT747 did not change. Probably the OSM API changed (and they possibly introduced a bug).

Good to know that it works for others too. I uploaded 109010 points ( ;-) )without a problem the other day and the track was automatically public ;-(.

So I have to check this 'public' thing out.

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I check the BT747 code

I check the BT747 code against the API 0.6 specification that is used. The value for 'public' is set to '0' so the trace should be kept private.

So I think that the server side code got modified. OSM is currently in maintanance.

Could you take this up with the right person/ on an OSM forum?

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I may have found the reason:

I may have found the reason: there are more track visibility times in openstreetmap now and I guess that the API does not know about that.

I posted a message on the OSM forum:

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Thanks for looking into

Thanks for looking into it.
Not a major issue for me, but still interesting to know when they modify the API on you!

One should not upload data

One should not upload data without removing the wrong points at the beginning of every track. if you can upload from bt747 there should be a possibility to remove wrong points. thanks. ;)

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The OSM upload uploads the

The OSM upload uploads the same positions as the ones that would be written to a file while limiting the data fields that are uploaded (e.g., speed is not uploaded).
Therefore, the existing possibilities in BT747 to remove wrong position are valid for OSM upload too.
Filtering on precision (HDOP, PDOP, NSAT) is a very good filter already - adding a minimum speed also avoids bad positions. Further one can set for the moment the 'start' record number and 'end' record number.

More functionality will be added in the future (like removing positions manually, etc).

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My post to the OSM

My post to the OSM development list finally got posted (after properly subscribing to it) and the issue regarding the tracks not being private by default just got solved thanks to a fix in the OSM API.