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Hello friends, I wonder if it is possible BT747 program records information such as height, speed and distance traveled?

My intention is usal as a data logger in my information and model airplane in flight, and then immediately go to google maps or any other program to give me this information on your computer.

My cell phone is a Sony Vivaz PRO.

I look forward to,

Thank you.

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Hi SH4K0 [looks like a radio

Hi SH4K0 [looks like a radio amateur name]

It is the logger that records travel information such as height and speed.  BT747 allows you to retrieve this information.  The logger can also log distance between positions but BT747 can also calculate them.

BT747 does not calculate the total distance travelled (possible in theory, but not done).


You mention your Sony Vivaz - so I suppose that you want to run BT747 on your phone.  Your phone must support J2ME with JSR82 (for bluetooth).  Running the application may be a bit trick, it depends on the phone - I had a Sony-Ericsson in the past on which it worked.
You can fetch the log and convert it to HTML and other formats which allow you to see it on a map.



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Hello friend, Thank you for

Hello friend,

Thank you for your attention!

Well, my intention is to use the GPS mobile phone as a data logger to record flight information from my model airplane. What is more I want to register the information of altitude and speed and switch to the computer to view this information.

I found a very good program, however I could not install on my mobile device, website ->

It would be ideal but I can not install on my machine, if you know some similar program, let me know!


Thiago Aragon.

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Hi Check TrekBuddy


Check TrekBuddy (

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