BT_J2ME with 38400 Baud (Holux m-241)


Is there a way to get the mobile-Version (BT_J2ME) to work on my mobile phone together with my Holux m-241?

To me it looks like the Baud-rate is hard coded...

...but I need 38400 Baud to let it "speak" with the GPS-Device :-(

Any hints?

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Hi When using bluetooth, the


When using bluetooth, the baudrate is 'irrelevant'.

The reason is that the baudrate correponds to the local serial speed on the logger and not to some bluetooth speed.  On bluetooth, that local speed is handled on the logger.

With USB this is different.  When using USB, you install a driver on your machine.  This driver speaks a specific USB protocol corresponding to the USB to serial bridge device that is in the logger.  That USB protocol includes a specific command known by the driver to set the serial speed of the local serial connection.  Hence, the setting of the serial speed on the driver side (where you run BT747) does have an impact.

Regarding bluetooth, you do not install a driver on the BT747 or BT_J2ME side.  Bluetooth uses a 'generic' serial protocol where the notion of serial speed is 'lost'.

So in short on bluetooth the serial speed is not relevant and should work with your Holux.  If you have issues they are elsewhere: association of the logger with the phone, activating bluetooth, ... .