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You can subscribe to this thread in order to stay informed about updates on BT747.  I'll 'try' to put a post here when I make 'substantial' updates.

I frequently update the development version of BT747, so subscribing to this thread can generate some traffic.

You can also subscribe to the site using RSS.

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2.X.1630 has an update for

2.X.1630 has an update for recognition of a new Flash Memory used in the iBlue 747 A+ devices.  Previously the reported memory size was 2MB, now it should be 4MB for this new flash.

In the previous version already, I added a small map on the 'Files to Tag' tab.  When selecting files with a position, the first in the list will be shown on the tiny map.  That should make it easier to check if the tagging went as expected and allow you to adjust the 'Time Zone' for the camera offset.

Coming next:

  • I am experimenting with other methods to generate the thumbnails to lower the memory footprint during generation and speed up the process.
  • I've been working on the map code in order to prepare for the integration of Google Maps.  In combination with the addition of the tiny map on the Files to Tag tab, some issues showed up - after selecting a 'file', the main map sometimes shows up 'empty'.  The workaround to that is to move the map around a bit - I have to figure out why that does not happen automatically.  The 'Google Map' requires the use of a browser.  However the rendering method I wanted to use for the browser does not seem to work, so to integrate Google Maps, I'll need to do it 'higher up' in the SW layers which unfortunately requires more coding.
  • I've added new, inactive entries in the file menu: 'Find serial port' and 'Clear Map Cache'.  The first one should link at some point in time to a procedure to detect the serial port on which a logger is connected, the other one should allow you to empty the Map Cache on disk (according to some algorithm like tiles older than 1 month).
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2.X.1632 is a bug fix release

2.X.1632 is a bug fix release and performance improvement release.

A user reported an issue with GPX file generation 'never ending'.  It turned out that he had set 'Imperial units' which require a 'translation' for 'feet' which had been forgotten.  Functionnally this was not an issue, but the Java Exceptions generated by it slowed down BT747 tremendously.  That should be fixed now.

At the same time, I implemented explicit file buffering for the J2SE (Desktop) environment.  That should improve performance for all users.  I did not measure the improvement exactly, but it does look a bit faster to me.

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2.X.1637 fixed an issue

2.X.1637 fixed an issue introduced after refactoring the 'file path' encoding code probably introduced in 2.X.1632  and 2.X.1642 adds a first version of the Portugese translation.

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In 2.X.1647 the actual

In 2.X.1647 the actual tagging code was reverted to the 2.X.1622 version - my refactoring added an issue that was difficult to detect, so I reverted.
Further, the Portugese translation was added - it was done by Henrique Rossi.  Thanks!

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2.X.1652 adds 'sql' statement

2.X.1652 adds 'sql' statement creation and Google Static Map Url generation (still under development).  The PostGIS entry in the GUI is currently just a 'dummy' that will create SQL.

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2.X.1657 adds distance

2.X.1657 adds distance calculation between the selected positions.

The user can select the previous behaviour (do nothing, this is the default), calcultate the distance when the distance value is not logged, override the calculated distance.

Currently the distance calculation does not take the height value into account.  It does not appear as if the MTK chipset takes that into account because the calculated values are very close to the values reported by the MTK chipset.  Specific analysis in that area would be needed though.

Overriding the calculated distance also helps to compensate for the distance in the 'unselected' position. BT747 will calculate the distance with the previous 'selected' position and therefore be more correct than when using the recorded distance.

In principle, it should therefore not be really usefull anymore to log the distance value.  This will reduce the memory footprint of a recorded position, thereby increasing the number of positions that can be recorded.

Having real problems trying

Having real problems trying to work out what WebStart version to download.  There are simply too many of them.

I want the dev version of 2.x.1657 that works on Win7 x64!!  I have no idea what one gives me that.  The best I have found is 1642.

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Hi Sometime you need to let


Sometime you need to let Java fetch the latest version which it does 'in background'.

Here are two links: 'launch for 64 bit' and 'install for 64 bit'. Give it multiple tries with a few minutes interval - or empty the cache through the Java Console or installed programs in some cases in windows.