Skytraq Log Format support and Conversion to GPX, KML, KMZ, ... .

I got a CanMore GT-730F(L) GPS Dongle with Data Logger to have a hands on evaluation of a device with a Skytraq Venus624 GPS inside.  I was pretty surprised to find that it did not have a battery allowing it to log positions without USB power.  The performance on my desk is not exceptionnal compared to the iBlue 747 A+, but for the moment I blame the design for it - not the chip.  The performance is comparable to another GPS Dongle (with battery) that I have and which is using a SirfIII LPx chip using a similar sized antenna.

What may interest you is that I am adding support for the Skytraq default log format and protocol into BT747.  Currently the Skytraq log format is supported.  The file extension has to be '.log' or '.bin' and the device type next to the Convert button has to be set to 'Skytraq'.

The conversion results were compared to the Skytraq 0.4.223 tool.  The positions are the same, the height is slightly different - probably due to the fact that I use a float for that (the error is in the centimeter range).

As a result, Skytraq log files can now be converted to any output log format available in BT747: GPX, KML, KMZ, HTML, ... .

Support for device configuration and log download is not available yet.


online conveter

can i use a online converter for gpx, kmz, kml files