A+ for the iBlue 747 A+

Bild von mdeweerd

I received an iBlue 747 A+ sample today form Transystem. After unpacking I put it to the test.

I wanted to try the connection to BT747 as fast as possible, so I connected the device to my PC and tried to connect to the usual port. No success. I open the Configuration panel to go to the System control and to check the Hardware drivers. Nothing there either.
When switching on the iBlue747A+, windows detected a new device being connected to the computer. The previous version was detected even without switching the device on, but not so for the new device.
The driver for the new device is also new so I ended up putting the CD in my computer.
Once the driver was installed, I still needed to look for the right com port: COM18 this time.

Then BT747 connected fine and showed up the technical information. The size of 4Mbyte of memory was confirmed and it was time to download the data. In the mean time I had been observing the time required to get a lock which did not seem to be faster than the classic iBlue 747. The log download was superfast though. I thought this was because only a handfull of positions were logged, so I actioned a full log download. Much faster than the previous version: I'ld say about one minute.
An analysis of the serial transactions that I logged with BT747 indicate that the USB speed is not limited anymore by a serial link at 115200 baud.

Off to testing the AGPS upload functionality in BT747 with a real device - I have been developing that using a virtual model I built and help from Dirk Haase who tested it on his device. The upload of the 7 day AGPS data was fairly fast too. Also seems to be under 1 minute. I do not understand why some people have been complaining about the AGPS upload speed, but for Dirk it took over 1 minute. I guess that on Mac the connection speed is not really the same and it might be constrained by the serial speed that is chosen in the application - one should try to set it somewhat higher.

I requested a cold start of the logger in BT747. Unfortunately it did not get a lock. Switching the device on and off helped - it got a lock in about 15 seconds (indoors).

For some mysterious reason, the device misbehaves too. While it is setting on my desk happilly blinking, it will stop blinking from time to time and show a location of (90, 0). Some users reported that on a German forum too. This happens while having the AGPS data in the device and according to the forum it seems it only happens in those cases. I'll observe/investigate some more and possibly report it to Transystem if this persists.