747Pro - keine Ausgabe trotz vollem Downblaod - solved

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Totz angeblich 1320 Punkte lt. GPS-GeräteDaten / Reiter Log-Aktionen gelingt es mir nicht, nach KLM zu konvertieren.

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DebugFile liegt auch vor,

DebugFile liegt auch vor, allerdings bekomme ich es nicht hochgeladen.

doch, mit dem WebFile Manager ging es. Siehe dort

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Hi [you can write in German,

Hi [you can write in German, but my writing is not "good enough" to reply in German]

Apparently the data was downloaded, so you should see the track on the map by clicking 'GUI' and be able to convert to 'KML' by clicking that button.


If you do not see anything on the map, the issue is elsewhere, and it is easier to check your '.bin' file directly.

Using WebFM is ok - you can attach the file to the comment with a right click and 'attach to node'.

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Ah stimmt, der Name deutet

Ah stimmt, der Name deutet auf NL hin

With GPS-Babel I can extract the route, therefore for me the problem must be in the filter (selection of the data)

I'am using BT747 2.1.1. 7.3.2014 

Wo ich allerdings den Moueclick setzten kann habe ich nicht kapiert

Kommt also nochmalsper WebFM Attachments

File BT747log.bin5.57 MB
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und noch zwei Pics

und noch zwei Pics

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Sorry, BT747 is correct      

Sorry, BT747 is correct       - it was my stupid selection only.   

Based on the description of Dirk Haase on the tab "Filter für Ausgabe-dateien" below "Verschiedenes" I selected a stupid rec nbr. Record number = "Satz Nr".  on a fast overview for me 'rec nbr' looks like one of these GPS tecnical definitions. I don't recognize, that phrase wasn't translated yet.

Now I understand, that "Filter für AUSGABE DATEI" means selection for conversion "Konvertiere" on the "LOG-AKTIONEN" tab. Einfach ein klrinrt Kurzschluß in meinem Kopf. Maybe "rec nbr" it could be translated in the german version to "Satz. Nr"

Os meus melhores cumprimentos de kapverdie 


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Hi Geraldo Good that you

Hi Geraldo

Good that you discovered the root cause - BT747 has too many knobs and buttons for many I believe.

I have updated the translation file with your suggestion so it will be in a future build.  Do not hesitate to make more suggestions if you want.

Kind regards



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By the way, I reconstructed

By the way, I reconstructed the bin file and decoded it confirming your signature ;-).

Bom dia/Boa tarde ;-).

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"my signature ?? "          

"my signature ?? "                      you are speaking about the portuguese language on the bottom or is there another signature inside the bin-file ?

BTW: there  three hours difference to Central Europe (MESZ) , BT474 shows me now = 13:53 CV (GMT-1) my a GPS-TIME as  14:53 (=GMT). I've never used my 747Pro in Germany.

Best regard 

Gerhard (DE) aka Geraldo (PT/CV)

>> too many knobs and buttons

Exist there any .init file, so we can maintain from outside of BT474. If yes, we could show some generic examples with comments

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Signature: - Portugese


- Portugese signature and positions logged in bin file ;-).


You can set the offset with your local time in the third tab (output parameters).


The settings are stored in a file but it is not "editable" - it could be stored and put in place again or something could be done to retrieve it.  There should be a user interface for experts and one for simple users.

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> You can set the offset with

> You can set the offset with your local time in the third tab (output parameters).

This  means, that the "internal clock" of the 747Pro is always GMT , right ?

> should be a user interface for experts and one for simple users.

Maybe be. In my mind are some GPS-"Experts" who could demonstrate their specific GPS/BT474 Setup. You will find sometimes blogs of Trakkies with some verbal description of parts of his MTK-Chipset. Theses setups you can collect on your site like a HowTo Setup

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Exactly, the recorded GPS

Exactly, the recorded GPS time is always GMT.


Settings: could also be a pull-down menu from which the user selects and which internally sets several settings.


To give an example of a simpler interface, I once adapted the interface of NMEAConverter to use BT747 conversion technology:


This interface will only convert existing files to the shown formats, but uses BT747 to do it.

I think this is easer to understand for a user, even if there are less options.


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Hello Mario Finally an answer

Hello Mario

Finally an answer to your question

The last days in  my brain I was throwing your answer frome one edge  to the opposite edge  auf deutsch "hin und her gewälzt". :

Yes all  this buttons and knobs are more ore less a technical description of all possibilities the MTK-Chip/ BT747 offers. combined in seraral categories, where you always can find a label "diverses", because there are no "Main"-labels for this stuff, because they are all so different.

For me it's missing some HowTo's, maybe for beginners like me.

Let me explain: 

I was testing around with several tracks. Some are real tracks, I made for test. Some are waste for the trahsbasket, some are real stuff to experiment output option with it.

First I play aroudn with the "DatumsFilter" of "Log-AKtionen"/ "Konvertiere" / "DatumsFilter", bit I don't suceed

The most importan switch I deceted for a selection for this purpose was  "Dateiausgabe" : Eine Datei pro Track, converting this to KLM -> KLM I got on my "Ausagebeverzeichnis" serveral Files.  using  the automatic naming-converion it was easy to select the one I wan't to see.

My Proposal: Give me / your users a sequnece(!)  of menus with some self-explainig options: like a PAP "Programm Ablauf Plan", I've learnd 25 years ago to define the logic of a programm, the correct english translatin maybe ist "Programming flow chart" (?) , therefore  I will call it "User-Flow-Chart".

I don't know, if a programmed User-Flow.Chart ealy worth the programming effort. I'am not an expert, only a NewBie using GPS on google maps for showing Cape Verde  hiking tours for Santiago Island and some ideas about an Santiago Island online-hiking guide 

até já, wie die Braslianer sagen


BTW: bt474.com for me is missing a real Imprint;  despite US.CA,UK, AU, and all their secret serive helpers overall the world. Mario if've found on a Debian lists ;-) 

Wie haben Sie das Problem

Wie haben Sie das Problem gelöst?

Ich habe auch eine Datei mit 14.500 Wegpunkten und kann Sie weder ansehen (GUI - Tracks) noch konvertieren.

Fehler: Keine Ausgabedatei erzeugt.

Entweder keine entsprechenden Filter gesetzt, oder die Datei ist leer. (4,2MB)