Holux M1000C - BT747 output ignoring some trackstarts

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Hi All,

I am attempting to retrieve data stored on a Holux M1000C device used while travelling overseas. The tracks retrieved in Holux software and BT747 ignore a significant proportion of the tracks that I expected to be on the device.

I created a dump of the M1000C's memory and inspected it in a Hex editor. The marker for the start of a track (HOLUXGR241LOGGER) appears many, many times. This gives me hope that certain tracks may be malformed and not decoded by BT747 or MTKbabel (with recovery).

Can anyone recommend avenues for trying to get data out of this? Namely: a) recommendations of other potential recovery options, b) a schema for how I could  take the hex and decode into time/coordinates (happy to work laboriously by hand if need be).