data conversion

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My apologies for being a newbie...

But, I cannot figure out how to use BT747 program to convert files from one format to another.

I am using a Holux M1000C for tracks, and am able to successfully download, and convert as long as I do the operation immediately.


I would like to convert other, existing data, but I cannot figure out how to point the BT747 program at the desired files.


Windows will not allow me to right-click and use "open with" the BT747 program. 

Windows tells me that the .bin file is not a valid Win32 application, and I know that means something...just what is the extent of my ignorance!


Thanks for any help.

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I figured it out. On the log

I figured it out.

On the log operations tab, I need to enter a path in the raw log file field to the file that I want to convert.

Right-click copy/paste does not work.

But, ctrlV does.

Or manually type in the new path.