Recover what's possible from faulty device.

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Hello everyone,

After using Holux M-241 device with "STOP WHEN FULL" option I cannot download any data now. It shows negative amount of free memory left on device which looks like I ran it after it stopped when became full; yet even now device shows quite a lot of free points on its screen :(

The question is — whether it is possible to recover at least any data which comes in full download BIN file? Currently BT747 is able to download data but cannot process it and produce any ouput to GPX etc.

Running BT747 V2.X.1933 (08.11.2011) 64-bit on OS X 10.7.2 Lion with the latest CP210x drivers for 64-bit OS X.

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Hi Select 'Full download'


Select 'Full download' where it says 'Smart download'.  This will get the entire memory content.

Even if the memory is corrupt, BT747 usually does a good job at recovering data.  If you do not recover a lot, you can send me the bin file and I'll have a look.

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Thank you. Full download is

Thank you. Full download is exactly what I tried. If that is possible, how can I send you downloade BIN file or maybe attach it here?

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My email is mentionned in the

My email is mentionned in the 'about' message in the application.