Holux M-1200E on Debian linux

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Tested only with java Web Start. Command line for launcher:
/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun- "http://soft.bt747.org/BT747_J2SE_Latest_rxtx2_2p2.jnlp"

In menus select:
Settings - Device Protocol - "Holux M-1000C / GPSport 245" 

To connect to device via USB data cable (not USB power cable from HOLUX package):
"USB" "115200" 
"/dev/ttyACM0" "115200"

or via blueman (pincode for pairing 0000):
"/dev/rfcomm0" "115200" (port must be not used by gpsd)

To download data from device in Convert - Device select
"Holux GR-245"

And THANKS for developers!


After soldering diode from USB +5V to collector of N532 You can get "Always ON from USB power", "ON when car engine started"...
See attachment. 

Great! That's working for me,

Great! That's working for me, thanks much indeed...