date filters seem not to work all the time

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3342 - BT747 2.X.1761 Build:BT747_mdeweerd.1761.20100729002509704
3343 - Initial: 1019x577  Screen: 1280x1024 Final: 1019x577
3344 - Linux
3344 - i386
3344 - 2.6.34-narya2
3344 - 1.6.0_18
3345 - 32

Date filters on Log_operations>>Convert were always a bit mistery to me, sometimes work, sometimes don't. Recently (for a few months anyway) they mostly seem not to. I download several months of data from the gps, when I set the date filter, press the "GUI" button (or press "Convert To" "Table in GUI", I'm not always sure what's the difference) I get the whole dataset in table and map.

Today I tried to change the minute (00:00 -> 00:01) of time split, and first time it filtered correctly then. But changing the date again and I wasnt' able to re-filter it, no matter what.  I guess when I restart (the table is empty) the filter works. THe first time.

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Do you change the date using

Do you change the date using the calendar function or by changing the date manually (text)?

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usually by text, since it's

usually by text, since it's very demanding for an old man to walk from 1983 to 2010 by year... :-)

should I change manually then correct it by one day using the calendar? that'd be quite hackish :)

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No, but I think it is likely

No, but I think it is likely that the date format is incorrect or you have Wednesday 10 while it should be Tuesday.  Not ideal - I agree - and I should give an error message (and there is more work in setting up the error message than providing the function).

To set yesterday's date, simply click on the text just below the calendar that says 'Today is ...'.  That will bring you the calendar of the current month.  Then click on the date.

When I try setting an incorrect date, the entry reverts to an existing date, so I am not quite sure that the issue is there, but it a probable one.

What you could do is when the filter does not work, select the same date using the calendar and see if there is a difference between the way that date is written.

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I ran into this same problem

I ran into this same problem after I concatenated my recent tracks into a >50MB nmea file and set it as the raw log source file for GUI drawing and played around with the date filter a lot. Whenever it failed to work, it always resulted in whatever the previous working date filter setting was (except after startup). I've now read this thread and tried this out again.

The log file has about 60 tracks from spring 2009 to present. If I press "GUI" from the Convert area right after startup (without modifying the date filter), everything works fine -- all tracks are drawn on the map.

If I exit and restart, modify the "From" date by selecting "Today" (Sun 08/08/2010) from the calendar and then altering the year from 2010 to 2009 and then clicking elsewhere, the day of week is corrected (Sat 08/08/2009). Converting to GUI results in an empty track data, nothing on the map. Not good.

Again a restart, this time I write Sat 08/08/2009 directly to the "From" field. It works. Selecting that date from the calendar also works. So apparently the fixed day of week doesn't quite propagate deep enough. Anyway thank you for a marvelous program, it's way better than anything that came with my logger!

The time split fields are a mystery to me too, but then again I haven't even tried to find documentation for those.

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Ok, I have to check out how

Ok, I have to check out how this date propagation 'fails'.

The 'time split' corresponds to the time that is used to 'split by day'.

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I checked it, and true: if I

I checked it, and true: if I manually update the field, the day-of-week is usually wrong, and the date is invalid. But if I use the calendar afterwards, it fixes the day and the range starts working again. I successfully created many precise cuts.

Some wishlist items though:

  • precise start and end cut, both with hour/min/sec
  • visible (or even changeable) save filename for the buttons (seems to use the start date which overwrite other ranges with same start but different end)

By the way I have met "gpsprune" (under Linux) which is able to make precise cuts (down to trackpoint to trackpoint ranges), and is able to show which trackpoint is the one which is visible on the map. Good companion for bt747 for me.