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I often find myself looking at the map with the trip line (track converted to GUI) and wondering which point on the map is which one in the trackpoint data: what is the timestamp, altitude and other data (like speed) of a given point of the trip on the map.

As far as I see there is no way to get the data for a given point.

As a related feature there is no way from a trackpoint to jump at it on the map.

These features would be vital to be able to link photos to trip data because I need to correlate GPS time to camera time, which requires the GPS timestamp of a known-position photo, which would require to know which trackpoint is at the known map position.

Or at least if there is such features I miss them completely. :-)

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Hi Grin Thank you for the

Hi Grin

Thank you for the feedback.

Geotagging is an area where BT747 can still improve in my opinion.  Currently it does the job and it is pretty fast I think at that.

I have been thinking of a more interesting and novel way I think to do a better job at geotagging that I will not detail here, but have given priority to a lot of other things I do in my lifetime.

Here is a procedure to do a good job with the currently available features:

Personally, I take a picture of the GPS time with my camera - either before or after the trip.  As I rarely adjust the camera time (and surely not during a trip), I get a very good idea of the offset of my camera time with the GPS time.  I actually take a picture of BT747 at my desk, then transfer the picture to the computer to know the precise camera time the picture was taken at, and then I compute the difference.  That difference is something like +1:01:05.

I then enter that value in the 'Time zone' box where of the 'Files to tag' panel and perform a 'Tag from File'.  Following that I check on the map if the pictures are positioned well enough.  Sometimes I add or remove a few seconds from the offset according to what I see, tag again (with overwrite positions active) and check again which is usually ok.
When things are ok, I do 'save tagged files' (with convert inplace active).

Prior to doing 'Save tagged files', you can select a picture and move the position on the map if you want to adjust a bit.


So I agree that improvement is needed.  What I like in BT747 is that I do not write anything to disk until I am happy with the positions - other programs I used to tag in the past spend a lot of time tagging which then has to be redone because the first time it is rarely right.

Hopefully you'll find the above procedure good enough untill BT747 is drastically improved on this point.

P.S.: I removed the f-word in your post - I just don't think that is appropriate to use here.

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1) the method is smart, I'll

1) the method is smart, I'll try it.

2) still would be very useful to be able to click on waypoints on the map and get the data of the waypoint, at least its 'id' would be useful to look it up

3) are you sure I ever used an f-word? I guess it should have been the word "such", I see no point to use rudeness unless it's been a mind slip. :-P

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2) I agree and is somehow in

2) I agree and is somehow in the long pipeline.

3) Yes, I am sure, and I have the revision to prove it: http://www.bt747.org/node/351/revisions/445/view . 

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2) ok, thanks. 3) okay, I'm

2) ok, thanks.

3) okay, I'm not permitted to see it but I'm sure it's there. might have been a mind slip, not at all intentional. :-)

back to the original

back to the original questions.

Start bt747

connect your gps

wait for the time to be displayed, and it will update automatically

now set your camera to gps time or corrected local time, as you please.


to see the exact detail for a single trackpoint, i use viking. i don't know what non-linux users use.