bt747 - photo mode

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In last weeks i hear from people that have many problems with bt747, because they would only geotag her photos. bt747 in the current state is too much for them. What do you think about a special "photo-mode" (all not needed tabs and frames should be hidden).

What do the normal user need for this photo-mode?
- tab Log operations with the frames "Files" and "Download", maybe "Convert" to create a photo-route with kmz/kml
- tab Files To Tag
- tab Map
- tab Device Settings to set the Log-intervall, so the frame "Log by..." and "Log Format" with activated "UTC Time", "Latitude" and "Longitude" by default. Maybe lock them or give a warning, if the user try to deactivate them.

More should not be needed, what do you think?

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Hi! I think it could be very


I think it could be very nice. My suggestion is to add even height. When I use bt747 for "fun" it's on the Alps, so having elevation logged is nice...

Kind regards. Simone.