Enabling RCR logs - not saving?

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Have a nice day, please advice. When I run the application on the Nokia E51 and I select menu "menu -> logger -> log fields" and I choose certain items, so the choice is not saved and when I re-opening of the menu, is not selected again. Application always shows me a text "Enable the RCR log field to enable advanced waypoint selection...". I spent much time with it, but I can not get away. Advance thanks for the advices.

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Hi I was on vacation so just

I was on vacation so just replying now.

The saving of the options was a problem which I should have solved - it is likely already available as a development release, but I need to check this out - possibly in the coming days.

Unfortunately, I have a

Unfortunately, I have a problem with the application even though I've installed the latest version. I run the application, but I still have displayed "Enable the RCR log fields to enable ..." Therefore, I will open menu -> Logger menu -> Logger -> Log Fields and then select the field "RCR" and save. But nothing happens, it returns me back to that error message. There's a bug or am I doing something wrong? What do I need to run the application?

Thanks, Rolf

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Hi I just tried this on my


I just tried this on my phone using 0.3.28.  In my case RCR was active.  I disactivated and the main screen indicated what you say, I activated again and the main screen did change.

The procedure is: enable/disable RCR and then press OK.

I also exited the application and entered again and the RCR value was as I programmed it (which means it is stored in the device).

If you have access to the device using the desktop application, I suggest to activate RCR there and see if you have any effect on your phone.

If you do confirm you have a configuration problem on your phone, we'll have to activate the debugging features to extract some logs that I can study.

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Thanks you for your answer, I

Thanks you for your answer, I send this logs - the problem is still valid :-(




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Your device does not respond

Your device does not respond to any of the control commands - most likely it does not 'receive' the commands over bluetooth.

What is your device?

Some of the early devices did not accept commands over bluetooth and some of them can be 'hacked' by adding a resistor (iBlue 747 for instance) - I had to do that myself.