Which version should I use?

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I'm a Columbus V900 user and would like to use BT747 in my photo workflow. Which desktop version should I download & use? The latest dev version? 1.x oder 2.x? It's important for me that the software is stable and reliable.

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1.68.30 is the most stable

1.68.30 is the most stable version - I only make bug fixes in that branch.  If you use that and you find a bug then I'll fix it.

My confidence in the current 2.X.1580 version is fairly good too.  The major changes that I made to the program structure have been around for a while already and the latest updates have been more of incremental nature.

I intend to make more important changes, but if you would get the 2.X.1580 version, then you should find that it works for you and you can stick with it while ignoring new updates.

Of course if you find a bug in 2.X.1580, I'll fix it too.  The difference is that I am also willing to add new functionality to the 2.X version, which I will not normally do for the 1.68 version tree (unless there is a very good reason for it such as a minor change to support an extra device or have a correct identification of a device).

Thank you very much for your

Thank you very much for your detailed answer.

What are the main differences between 1.68.30 and 2.x.1580? I read about another way to calculate the height. Is that all or are there other changes?




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There are a lot of changes

There are a lot of changes under the hood inn 2.X to allow for more flexibility programming wise.

There are also several new functionalities - I did not make the full list yet, but it includes:

  • Precise geoid (1° reference table in stead of 10°);
  • Direct upload to OSM;
  • Internal map / Geotagging of files;
  • Improvements in GUI;
  • More devices;
  • More output formats (including KMZ);
  • More output filter & field options;
  • Position serving;
  • AGPS upload (after download from the web).

There is more than that in 2.X but this is already a nice list.

Thank you so much. So I'll

Thank you so much. So I'll give 2.x.1580 a try. The most important issue for me is converting my Columbus V900 files to GPX with correct height positions.

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Hi, which is the recommended


which is the recommended version I shoud use of today?

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