Sony Ericsson elm tracker *.result format and conversion

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Hello, I've got a newbie question. My Sony Ericsson elm phone has the sports tracker application included. The tracker doesn't offer a data export function. All I get is the log file #.result.

What is the format of that log file and how can I import/convert it with BT747?

I'm able to get file off the phone and I tried a myriad of options with many applications to the point where I'm totally confused :)

I've attached the file 3.result.gif (remove ".gif") when looking at the file - sorry that I had to trick the upload

thanks for any help!

File Result file - remove gif extension27.55 KB

Big thank you for making

Big thank you for making .result format visible!!!

Hi,Maybe I was happy to


Maybe I was happy to early... I can convert from .result to .html (gmaps), which is fine, and I like it. But the date and time is always 1970 jan 1. I can't find any description regarding how to set parameters to fetch original timestamp from input file. Or is it still a problem with conversion? Like you mentioned 2years ago: "The time field is not perfect." I'm using v2.0.3.

Thank you!